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Wallstein Ing. GmbH. was founded in 1989, headquartered in Germany, committed to providing environment suitable for flue gas heat exchange system research and development, design, manufacture and complete sets of services.To better serve China and the asia-pacific market, the following companies are established in China:

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    Wallstein Thermal Technology (Beijing) Co. LTD. Office of China and Asia-pacific markets, projects and technologies.

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    Wallstein Thermal Equipment (Tianjin) Co. LTD. Factory for flue gas heat exchangers for Chian and Asia market.

Wallstein Group is the electric power, petrochemical and chemical industry, garbage and waste incineration, metallurgy, environmental protection, thermal field of flue gas heat exchange device system providers, can provide flexible, innovative customers customized flue gas heat exchange system solutions.

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In flue gas comprehensive control link, Wallstein can provide flue gas waste heat recovery system, through the heat recycling, realize the coal saving, water saving, reducing CO2, NOX, SO2 emissions, dust, take off the white index.Because the flue gas system has strong corrosive, the main material of Wallstein flue gas waste heat recovery system using Fluoropolymer, all devices are direct contact with flue gas, especially the low temperature flue gas with excellent corrosion resistant properties.

The Wallstein Group has over 100 applications in the world with a variety of flue gas heat transfer systems.Over the past 20 years, the performance of the world's various flue gas conditions (such as flue gas emitted by coal burning fuels, chemicals, garbage and hazardous waste incineration) has proven to be mature, reliable and durable.

The company has unique technology and constantly integrates innovative spirit into product development, design, manufacturing and service.We are always committed to improving the availability and social image of our customers by improving energy conservation and environmental indicators.

The company vision

Company Vision

Technology drives, to the best of blue.